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Strimm TV Features
Below is how your channel may look like on your own website!
  1. Custom online TV channel Customize your own exclusive TV channel and target your customers, students, or employees. Embed it on your web site.
  2. Online TV network creation Do not settle for one channel. Create your own distinct network of TV channels to entice your audience.
  3. Custom scheduling With the Custom Scheduling option, you get to play the role of a TV producer! Take complete control over the programming of your TV shows. You decide the airdate, start time, sequence, and selection. Strimm’s easy-to-use platform makes the entire process seemingly effortless.
  1. Interactive TV guide The TV guide provides users with a traditional TV searching experience. Users can search TV channels based on categories or channel names, or simply browse all available channels. The channel has an "i" icon, which provides information about the channel. Clicking on the video title in the TV guide will provide information about the show with capability to add any TV show to the Watch Later directory for on demand viewing.
  2. Built-in content search from multiple providers Strimm’s Video Library is where new video content for your channel can be sourced from multiple public content providers: YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion. We provide one easy place to search for all sourceable content.
  3. Bulk YouTube content importing Are all of your videos already on YouTube? Great! Easily connect your existing YouTube content to Strimm in one easy step. Repurpose your video content and extend the life of every one of your videos. Save time and money! Create less… promote more!
  1. Instant scheduling “Instant Schedule” is a feature that randomly combines videos from the Video List of your channel and creates a schedule for you until midnight of the current day. The schedule is created almost instantly. You can also select a future day to make an instant schedule.
  2. Automatic schedule creation (Autopilot) Let the system do the work for you! When activated, Autopilot will automatically generate an “Instant Schedule” for your channel for the following day, if you haven’t already created a schedule.
  3. Social interaction The use of social media and networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, along with managing an online presence has become an integral part of doing business. Strimm’s platform provides an easily accessible, powerful toolkit for making social networking easy. Share your channels, socialize with your friends, and grow your fan base!
Strimm TV Benefits
  1. Cutting edge engagement with your audience Custom, 24/7 broadcasting TV channel creates a new venue for you to engage, educate, entertain, and connect with your fans, customers, students, and employees. Turn your online visitors into repeat users.
  2. Global outreach is watched by people from over 100 countries. Expand your brand awareness and fan base to new places.
  3. Easy to use platform Channel creation and scheduling is an easy process that takes mere minutes.
  4. Convenient access Get your cord cutters ready. Strimm is accessible from any Internet-capable device, from anywhere in the world, 24/7.
  1. Cost savings Save money on marketing. Take advantage of cutting edge marketing solutions at your disposal with the tools needed to engage your audience and market your brand for a low monthly cost. You can also recycle your own existing videos and put them to good use by bringing them back to life – allowing the money you already spent to keep working for you
  2. Wide range of channels in your network Strimm allows creation of numerous channels in your network, based on the package you select.
  3. Innovative video marketing Current market trend is video-centric. Strimm takes it a step further and creates a unique opportunity for online marketers to promote businesses or organizations in a more effective way than traditional online marketing. Strimm is more effective than creating daily video blogs or constantly adding new videos to keep your site fresh. Using a single 24/7 broadcasting channel eliminates a need for a multitude of videos on your site. There are virtually limitless possibilities for finding niche-related topics and videos for your business or organization.
  4. Social Interaction Strimm allows posts, comments, and communication between your channel viewers and your followers. Social interaction between followers improves brand awareness and increase traffic to your site.

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