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Strimm TV Announces New Video Providers for Its Growing Public Television Platform

Chicago, Illinois, March 16, 2016 - Imagine a tool that allows any person to produce and broadcast a television program with just the click of a mouse. Strimm, Inc., an online video entertainment company, has seen a steady increase in users worldwide since its launch in October 2015. In keeping with their promise to continually improve the site’s user experience, the company unveiled a fresh, new look alongside many added features. The exclusive Strimm experience allows visitors to easily find and watch continuously streaming TV channels online, developed and produced by ordinary people from around the world and in a multitude of languages.

The addition of several new online video providers has added to the already substantial variety of video content available to channel creators to select from. The Production Studio also saw a few modifications, by splitting schedule creation into basic and advanced modes; it has become easier to master the task of daily scheduling. New import feature now allows YouTubers to quickly import their entire video library directly to the Strimm platform, cultivating a 24/7 broadcast, which will yield additional revenue from pre-existing advertising.

Strimm TV has added a new paradigm to the existing online video platform models. Individuals and businesses no longer have to dip into their limited budgets to make content available to fans, viewers, or employees. Strimm developers report, “Our platform is the tool which gives control of TV to ordinary people, aspiring producers, or organizations with something to say.” A quick scan of the channels on the site illustrates how diverse the entertainment can be. While some channels run like professionally produced video shows, others are more basic. All, however, are vibrant and of high quality to guarantee a pleasurable viewing experience.

In a recent presentation by the company, Max Stolyarov, the VP of Software Development noted: "Strimm provides virtually limitless producing possibilities and the creative freedom to encourage a truly unique video entertainment experience; all while putting average people in the driver’s seat." is available for the international community to enjoy, create and benefit from this modern spin on traditional television.

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