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Strimm, Inc. Introduces New Game-Changing Online Video Platform

Chicago, IL October 27, 2015 – Strimm, Inc. has announced the shift in video entertainment – a new platform that combines the benefits of traditional TV and the Internet, into a unique package.

“It’s a new approach to video entertainment – we’re empowering our users to create their own, continuously broadcasting TV networks,” stated Max Stolyarov, the company’s VP of Software Development. “Strimm combines the best of two worlds, the Internet with its virtually unlimited video content, and traditional TV with its uninterrupted broadcasts and scheduled programming. It’s an experience unlike any other, providing users with the freedom to take video entertainment into their own hands and to create a public television. “

The platform lets users “get behind the scenes” and become broadcasters and producers in their own right. Users can create daily programming based on their own preferences, or choose to create future scheduling. Of course, they can also enjoy the channels created by others.

“No other platform delivers the opportunity for the average person to become the producer of their own network of constantly broadcasting channels,” explained Stolyarov. “Strimm differs radically from anything that’s come before. With constant, fresh content, the ability to customize and schedule programming to any degree necessary, Strimm is the future of public video entertainment.”

The platform is good for individuals and families, but also for organizations like colleges and universities, as well as businesses. Creating educational programming or streaming training material to employees on certain day and time is simple due to intuitive user interface. platform is free to use, and requires no download. Users do not even have to create their own video content. Currently, Strimm is powered by and, and are going to introduce new video sources in the near future, along with direct video hosting capabilities. To learn more, visit

About Strimm, Inc.: Founded by a diverse group of entrepreneurs with varying range of skill sets, Strimm, Inc.’s mission is to create a new and innovative way to enjoy video entertainment.

Continuous broadcast from your own channel

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