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New Type of Customer Outreach Offered by Social Internet Television - Strimm TV

CHICAGO, IL OCTOBER 11, 2016 - Strimm TV, the emerging leader in the new sector of Social Internet Television, is now offering small and medium sized businesses and organizations alike a broad range of first-of-its-kind opportunities for online outreach to their customers, supporters, members and general audience.

Strimm has surpassed today the 600 mark for Internet TV channels created by users from 115 countries worldwide, and it now features 645 constantly broadcasting channels with scheduled and curated content, created by everyday people -- but the company says that the potential appeal to the business, nonprofit and government sectors will be just as great, if not greater, due to the unique and robust capabilities of the Strimm TV platform, and the new growth opportunity Internet television can provide to businesses and organizations.

"Virtually any business or organization, of any type, that desires to offer structured and scheduled video content to their audiences can now create TV channels, broadcasting directly from their own websites to their audience -- all due to Strimm's scheduling and embedding features," explained Strimm's co-founder Max Stolyarov.

"And Strimm provides smaller businesses and organizations these easy-to-use, cutting-edge TV programming tools in affordable packages -- tools that were exclusive to big corporations just a few years ago due to their high costs," he added.

"Strimm's social TV platform is truly giving birth to an entirely new, multifaceted dimension for online customer and public outreach. It allows businesses to educate and entertain their audiences in a unique and cutting-edge media fashion to help facilitate growth."

Examples of How Organizations Can Utilize Strimm and Create TV Channels: The many ways that small and medium sized businesses and organizations can utilize Strimm's social Internet TV platform is limited only by one's imagination.

Some examples:

  1. Schools, colleges, child care and training facilities can offer scheduled broadcasts of all types of educational and training videos to their students at certain times of the day, which can be watched on any device, from anywhere.
  2. State and local governmental institutions can schedule broadcasts of video content from local events or add new video content that educates citizens and stimulates community cultural development and as a result offering their own, custom TV stations online to their audience.
  3. Nonprofit organizations of all categories can develop and schedule TV broadcasts on all facets of their work to encourage people to participate.
  4. Religious organizations can communicate to their targeted audiences with religious videos, while scheduling specific material to broadcast at certain times of the day through their own TV channels.

About Strimm TV

Strimm TV ( ) is an online social television platform that offers a new era of customized Internet Television, accessible from anywhere, at any time and on any device. It provides viewers with hundreds of free, 24/7 broadcasting TV channels in a variety of categories, created by individuals and organizations from around the world. Follow Strimm on Facebook, and join a community of over 70,000 followers.

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