Add An Interactive TV Channel To Your Website

Create Your Own TV In just a few steps you can create a TV channel and operate a broadcast to any device, anywhere in the world.
Embed Your TV Channel Embed your channel on your website. The broadcast will appear on both your site and Strimm TV.
Grow Your Audience Your channel will entertain, educate and engage your audience and will have them coming back.

What can Strimm TV do for me?

Strimm can help your business or organization to educate and engage your online visitors and to keep them coming back.

Our platform equips you with a set of cutting-edge tools to create your own network of TV channels which can broadcast around the world, 24 hours a day, with unique daily programming. It is easier and more effective that creating daily blogs or constantly adding new videos to keep your site fresh. The video content you choose can be easily found directly on Strimm’s platform.

To promote your business or organization, use your own video content and commercials. Create your own TV channel, embed it on your website and bring your business or organization to a whole new level. Engage and grow your audience.

Who can benefit from Strimm TV?

  1. • Religious Organizations Do you have a parish, ministry or a synagogue? What about a religious school? Take advantage of the new opportunities digital video era provides. Create a 24/7 broadcasting TV channel. Stream your educational material, events and ceremonies on a certain day and time. Add a TV channel to your website and let your community watch it anywhere and on any device. Expand your reach. Start it today! details
  2. • Media Organizations TV/Video Production Studios, Newspapers and Magazines, Local TV stations and Video Sites! You have created amazing content, don’t let it be forgotten. Entertain your audience further with your own TV channel. You can create a 24/7 broadcasting entertainment or news channels with scheduled content, available from anywhere in the world, on any device!
  3. • Powerful YouTubers You’ve done a great job on YouTube. Now, it is time to benefit further from your hard work. Create a single TV channel that will broadcast all of your videos with custom daily programming. Link all your videos to your TV channel on Strimm in bulk. The linking process can be done in less than one minute, right from your Production Studio. Reap the benefits of your own hard work!
  4. • Local Governments Your community is now online! Give them a place to unite and enjoy with your own online TV channel, which can be watched anytime and from anywhere. Show the community’s latest news and past events or simply educate them with different courses, available for villagers only.
  5. • Educational Institutions Educate and entertain your students with training material or content related to the classes you offer or to your school.
  6. • Retailers, Manufacturers and Service Providers Start a TV channel related to your products or services or the market you are in. Educate your consumers and turn them into your fans!

Do you want to improve your visitor's experience?

Your TV channel is designed to be easily embedded on any page of your website. Just subscribe to one of the packages from the options below, and start reaching your target audience with your own interactive TV channel. To schedule programming for your channel, proceed to your “Production Studio” page. There you can add video content, create a daily schedule and publish it for a continuous broadcast on your website and on Strimm.

Example of embedded channel

What are you waiting for?

Continuous broadcast from your own channel

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