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Expand The Reach of God's Voice!

Do you have a parish, ministry or a synagogue?

What about a religious school?

It is time to expand your reach with a newest technology and tools available!

Create your own TV channel!

Why a TV channel?

We all need the guidance of a higher power. The study of God never ends, we are forever His students. Sometimes though, life gets in the way, and for a variety of reasons, health, work, travel we are unable to attend an event, a sermon, a Bible or a Torah study, a service or a ceremony. Other times you were very moved and want to revisit one of those proceedings. Strimm TV’s revolutionary technology now delivers the opportunity to do just that!

Television has been one of the most successful education and entertainment tools of the last decades, but, until now, a custom TV channel was affordable and accessible to large organizations only. Strimm TV has transformed what we know as TV and created a new niche, Private Online Television.

Unlike traditional TV, Strimm TV is inexpensive and available to all. Internet channels can be watched from anywhere in the world, on any device, at any time. Gone are the restrictions! Compared to click-to-play videos, there is no need to stack your website with dozens of videos and frustrate your community. One screen, one player, any message, any time.

Turnkey Solution

Strimm can help your religious organization to educate and engage your audience and bring your organization to a whole new level. Our platform equips you with a set of easy-to-use web-based management tools to create your own network of TV channels which can broadcast to your community, 24 hours a day from your own website and from Strimm. Besides using your own content, feel free to add additional education material, which can be easily found directly on Strimm platform.

Core features

  1. 24/7 continuous broadcast, same as a traditional TV
  2. Scheduled broadcast of video content for a specific time and day
  3. Network of your own TV channels
  4. Broadcast to community
  5. Recording capability of any show to watch it on-demand later
  6. Channel embedding on your own website
  7. Custom branding
  8. Password protection of your channel
Reach Your Audience. Add a TV Channel to Your Website!

Continuous broadcast from your own channel

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